The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) president, Joe Ajaero, claims that the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu will have a lot of industrial conflicts to settle.

In an interview with Channels Television’s “Politics Today” on Tuesday night, Ajaero said that the majority of the industrial conflicts handled by President Muhammadu Buhari’s departing administration remained unresolved.

The NLC president claimed that during its eight-year mandate, the Buhari-led government did its utmost to maintain industrial unity.

“The President Buhari administration tried their best in ensuring that there is industrial peace and harmony to the best of their capacity and capability,” Ajaero said.

“But that capability was not enough as most of the industrial disputes they treated were unfinished.

“On doctors’ strike, an agreement was signed and has not been implemented. It is waiting for the incoming government.

“ASUU issue is pending. It is waiting for the incoming government. There is hardly any agreement that was conclusively decided and exhausted.

“That is why I pity the incoming administration because a lot of industrial crises seem to be looming.”

Speaking about the Labour Party’s (LP) leadership dispute, Ajaero stated that Julius Abure continues to serve as the party’s national chairman and that there are procedures in place to have leaders removed.

The NLC president deemed it unacceptable for individuals aspiring to become the LP national chairman to cause diversion.

“Julius Abure remains the national chairman of the Labour Party. Nobody has conducted any convention.

“There is no meeting nor NEC meeting called which NLC as trustees has attended where any officer has been removed.

“So, any distraction for people to perpetuate themselves in the office is not acceptable to us. That is where we are and it is the position as of today,” Ajaero noted.