By G9ija

A mum has proven how much she loves her child by giving her daughter her womb. Michelle Bryant decided to give the greatest gift of all to her daughter Kirsty so she could have a second child – and her daughter fell pregnant just weeks after the transplant.

Kirsty, 30, is the recipient of Australia’s first womb transplant – and the woman from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, needed the transplant as after the birth of her first child Violet, she underwent a life-saving hysterectomy due to a hemorrhage.

Kirsty participated in a research trial, however, at The Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, and her beloved mum was the donor.

The 16-hour surgery went well, and an embryo was transferred into the womb, and it was the same one that formed Kirsty.

Kirsty told ABC: “I was just super excited when I found out. It almost feels like it’s meant to be, but it’s still sinking in that I am going to have another baby at the end of the year. It’s so wonderful that my body can do this and that my mum has given me this gift.

“Mum is very excited. She can’t wait to welcome another grandchild into the family…she is over the moon.”

Kirsty’s pregnancy is considered high-risk, so she will be closely monitored until December when her baby is due, and it’s expected she’ll have a cesarean at 37 weeks.

She doesn’t have nerves connected to the womb, so if she went into labour, she wouldn’t be able to feel contractions. She will also be monitored every two weeks from her 18th week of pregnancy.