By G9ija

Latiesha, 22, discovered a niche for people willing to pay between £300 and £1,500 to satisfy their strange requests for spit, toenail clippings and week-old bedsheets.

She always wanted to be a doctor growing up and was on the way to achieving her dream when she began studying biomedical science at university

She was also working part-time at Tesco in Manchester to earn a living and pay her fees, but she fell into a new side hustle that quickly racked up thousands of pounds.

So naturally, she ditched her job and dropped out of university to sell spit full-time – and now claims to have remarkably paid off £11,000 debt and bought her first property with the cash.

Strangers will pay up to £1,500 for a plastic bottle of Latiesha’s own spit. The former student has quit her supermarket job and left university for the side hustle .

“It all started as a fluke, and now I’ve been doing it for four years. It began when I moved to Manchester for university, and I was working in Tesco,” Latiesha explained.

“I started doing OnlyFans, and through that, I got weird requests for shower water. I always knew it was a thing but didn’t know it was so easily accessible. I did a lot of research and dug deep into the industry to fulfil the unusual requests I get. I use sites that aren’t known or spoken about.

“When I first got asked for a bottle of my spit, I thought it was a joke at first and that it couldn’t be serious until I realised it was. I agreed and asked for £300. That was the highest number I could think of. He then asked for my bank details and paid it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. It’s much easier than OnlyFans and taking photos that’s for sure.”

The 22-year-old won’t ever take requests for lower than £100 and usually does three a day. She gets a lot of bizarre requests – like sending dirty bedsheets and gym clothes

“I’ve had people ask for bedsheets after I’ve slept in them for a week, gym clothes that are really sweaty and disgusting, bathwater, toothbrushes, and toothpaste spit – anything you can think of, people want it,” she said.

“Spit is a popular one, and I will do them a few times a week. I don’t sell my spit for just £250. I gauge it by each customer – if I know they will pay a lot, I will charge more. I do negotiate to some extent, but I don’t sell for less than £200.The most I have made from spit is £1,500 – I knew the guy had money, and he was happy to pay it.”

It’s a world away from stacking shelves and scanning items in Tesco, and Latiesha has managed to pay off her and her mum’s debt.

“I studied biomedical science and wanted to be a doctor – something I’d wanted to do for my whole life,” Latiesha explained. I was so broke in university and I didn’t have any money. I needed cash fast, which meant I was working every single hour God could give me at Tesco.

The 22-year-old has paid off her and her mum’s debt and now lives a life of luxury. It’s a ‘wild world out there’ with people requesting her toothpaste spit

“Although it still wasn’t enough to live off, so I started doing this. Then it didn’t make sense to work at Tesco or go to university anymore as the demand was so high. I was making more money than I had ever seen in my life.”

Latiesha didn’t have much money growing up and loves the freedom that the side-hustle has bought her. She’s even looking at buying a second property.

“I ended up dropping out of university in my second year. I was doing these requests and OnlyFans and could live off that. Then I started doing webcam sessions after the requests began,” she said.

“I never thought this would be my career, but I’m happy that it is. I love it. The freedom it gives you and the money is a big thing for me, as I’ve never grown up with money.

“I never knew what it felt like to go out and buy whatever I wanted. From requests alone, I make around £3-5K a week. Everyone around me is really supportive. Everyone laughs about it, and my boyfriend is really supportive and my twin sister loves it too. When I first started, I was in so much debt, but I managed to pay it off. It’s a wild world out there.