I hired a lady last week Monday and fired her on Friday same week. I concluded she was not ready yet.

This lady came almost 2 hours late for interview without communicating her reason. If she was going to be late, she should inform the interviewer. Red flag.

I ignored that and decided to proceed with the interview. I decided not to conclude on her based on the interview outcome. I love giving people chances.

I offered her the job, she was excited. She was sent an offer letter which she accepted. On resumption date, this lady came late for work. First day at work. I was like ‘Is this 24 year old lady innocently naïve or what?”.

On Friday last week, this lady came to work by 10.55am. He work time is 8.00am, and she is an office admin. I was on my seat and sighted her walking in, I had to call her and told her to go back home, and that was it.

By the way, she lives like 15 minutes away from the office, and her route is always against traffic.

I wouldn’t know when she resumed from Tuesday to Thursday because I came quite late on those days due to field engagements. When I resumed, I met her sleeping twice. After that, she abandoned her work and stepped out to answer a phone call for almost 1 hour.

My experience with this lady made me understand that a lot of people looking for work are not ready for/to work.