A renowned Kenyan chef, Maliha Mohammed who is set to break the longest cooking record by an individual recently set by Nigeria’s Hilda Baci has appealed for donations in cash or kind ahead of her trial cook-a-thon scheduled for May 26, 2023, IGBERETV reports.

The 40-year-old mother of two recently announced her intention to break two Guinness World Records, including the one set by Hilda Baci.

She said she would do a trial cook-a-thon for 45 hours to prepare her self for her main cook-a-thon. She plans to start her main cook-a-thon in August this year.

Taking to her Instagram page, she shared her account details, saying all cash donated would be for her preparation and overall expenses.

Maliha stated that the food she would cook at her trial cook-a-thon would be donated and distributed to a company for women’s empowerment, her fans and loved ones who troop out to watch her cooking live in her home.

Her post reads:

“Kindly donate in cash or kind. “Through mpesa no. 0706349213. “All cash will help in preparation and overall expenses of the 45hours cooking trial. “Let’s donate and show some love. “Food will be donated and distributed by @rehanabaluch empowering the African woman company (0113031976) and ofcourse for my fans, friends and family, who will come to see me cooking live in my home kitchen in Tudor Mombasa.”

She also announced that she would be breaking another record, the ‘home kitchen cooking marathon’. Chef Maliha said she applied for Guinness World Record last year in December and has gotten a go-ahead reply through email.

“I will be training hard from May all the way to July as I prepare to break these records,” she said.

The Kenyan chef had broken the same record in 2017 and 2019 consecutively within a shorter time frame.

Maliha broke the record by cooking for 72 hours; in 2019, she cooked non-stop for 75 hours. Unfortunately, she claimed that her efforts were never officially recognised by the Guinness World Records.

However, to win the record this time, Chef Maliha will have to cook for more than 100 hours for the title of ‘Longest cooking by an Individual Marathon’ as was set by Baci last week