Cardify Africa, a Nigerian startup in digital wallet solutions, proudly participated in the highly anticipated Lagos Startup Expo held on May 20th, 2023, at the prestigious Landmark Event Center in Victoria Island, Lagos. The event, organized by Techpoint Africa and proudly sponsored by Cardify Africa, proved to be an extraordinary platform for Cardify to exhibit its cutting-edge products to a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts.

The Lagos Startup Expo is renowned as the premier event for those at the forefront of innovation, attracting industry leaders, visionaries, and disruptors. Cardify Africa seized the opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking Cardify system, designed to revolutionize the digital payment landscape with it’s wallets, virtual cards, swap and bill features. The event hall was abuzz with entrepreneurial energy as Cardify captured the attention of attendees through live demonstrations and engaging interactions, effectively showcasing the power and potential of their innovative solutions.

“We believe in pushing boundaries and transforming the way businesses operate and flourish,” said Taiwo Idris, CMO of Cardify Africa. “The Lagos Startup Expo provided the perfect stage for us to demonstrate the capabilities of our Cardify system and its limitless features. We were thrilled to receive such positive feedback and enthusiasm from the audience.”

More than just showcasing the app features, Cardify Africa aimed to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace technology and embark on their own innovative journeys. By demonstrating how cutting-edge solutions can transform businesses and shape the future of digital wallets.

The overwhelming positive response received by Cardify Africa during the Lagos Startup Expo is a testament to their commitment to driving change and creating a lasting impact. The company is proud of the milestones achieved and the path that lies ahead as they continue to transform the way freelancers, individuals and businesses operate and thrive in the digital era.

As Cardify Africa celebrates its remarkable success at the Lagos Startup Expo, they invite individuals and businesses to join their transformative journey. Together, they aim to unlock a world of possibilities, redefine digital payments, especially with the virtual debit card feature, and empower users and businesses with the revolutionary features of Cardify