Recently, Nancy Isime, a media celebrity and actress in Nollywood, received overtures from Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez, real name Emeka Akumefule, and he offered marriage to her.

On the most recent episode of the Nancy Isime Show, the music star made an appearance and seized the occasion to elegantly declare his love for the movie star.

If Nancy was willing to start a family with him, Blaqbonez said he would marry her.

Isime, however, rejected his suggestion almost right away.

The ‘Sex Over Love’ crooner said:

“Marriage? I will marry. I will marry, but I will be in like a different kind of marriage. If you [Nancy] are open to it, I’m in love with you so-”

Nancy swiftly replied, “No!, We will get to that part.”

The Singer described his ideal marriage as having separate quarters for him and his wife so they could accommodate their personal preferences.

He continued by using the example of how he preferred a dark room while his wife might have preferred a pink-colored room. The artist added that he prefers a particular aesthetic for his bathroom and does not want items to be dispersed everywhere.

Additionally, Blaqbonez claimed that having a separate room from his partner allows him to maintain his polygamous nature so that he may have relationships with other women without upsetting his wife