By G9ija

Jimoh Zubair-logun, father-in-law to Aminat Baba-Elesin, has written a “set free” letter to the Area Court at Center-Igboro, Ilorin, Kwara State to allow his daughter-in-law divorce his son, Ismail Jimoh-logun.

However, the Presiding Judge, Abdulkadir Ahmed, objected to the letter, offering reasons why it is not acceptable.

He said it was not in compliance with the rules of Islamic marriage law.

Ahmed said after careful perusal of the affidavit deposed to by the petitioner, dated April 28, which was in compliance with the rules of the court, he ordered the respondent to be served.

He said the service was made by substituted means and delivered same to Jimoh Zubair-logun, the father-in-law, at Logun Compound, Oloje, Ilorin.

The court thereby adjourned the case to May 25 for judgment.

Earlier, the petitioner said that since the respondent was deemed to have been aware of the matter, but chose not to appear in court, she urged the court to dissolve the marriage.