Ifu Ennada, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has expressed her outrage over the daily bullying she receives on social media.

Remember how, two days ago in Lagos, the reality TV star attended the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AWARD) ceremony wearing an odd dress?

Even though the organizers handed the award to someone else, Ifu insisted that she was the best-dressed girl at the event after receiving it.

Ifu Ennada receives a lot of negative feedback on social media for wearing the attire to the event. Ifu responded to the news by saying that she was sick of daily trolling on social media and that she had even received the accusation that she was mentally unwell.

The reality TV star said people can troll her without involving her mental health because people are struggling out there.

“Someone said I have a mental health disorder because of my AMVCA outfit. I am not mentally unstable. You can troll me without involving my mental health. There are people out there who legit struggle with their mental health, this is not something you make fun of.” She wrote.