I like how when it comes to the AMVCA awards, they always ignore Asabawood actors.

I mean, see the winners nah. Can you compare?

Destiny Etiko for one, would have shown up to the award, wearing one Catwoman swimsuit with her signature abortion belt to match, doing live videos in her Prado Jeep shouting;

“This is my sweat. I worked hard to get to where I am today.”

Or imagine Zubby Michael receiving an award for the Best Agbero In A Movie, then he comes on stage to shout;

“Ke di ife neme si. Umu otu anokwa eba ehh.”

Chizzy Alichi will now tell him to sit down, that he is too local.

Na so fight go start. Destiny will go live again to shout “it’s my money, it’s my sweat”