By G9ija

This appears to be a news article about a Twitter exchange between Davido, a Nigerian singer, and Sophia Momodu, the mother of one of his children. Sophia Momodu had taken to Twitter to express her frustration with men financially bullying women and the lack of support for children and women under Nigerian law.

While she did not name anyone in particular, many social media users linked her tweets to Davido. Davido responded with a screenshot of him doing his “unavailable dance” and stating that he had no time for any “wahala” (trouble). In response, Sophia Momodu posted a video on Snapchat with two ladies talking about not “giving a f*ck,” warning the intended recipient against “capping” and threatening to “set it all on fire.”

Following the subtle response, Sophia Momodu took to her Snapchat account to share a video where two ladies talked about not “giving a Bleep”. She also warned the intended recipient against “capping” as she can set it all on fire.