Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel, who presides over the Shiloh Word Chapel in Abuja, has commented on the outcome of the 2023 presidential election, which saw the emergence of Bola Tinubu as the president-elect.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that in a statement directed at Peter Obi, the Labour Party flagbearer in the February 25 presidential election, Prophet Samuel advised him to retrace his steps.

The prophet expressed bewilderment at why the former governor of Anambra state was struggling with his presidential mandates and suggested that he take a step back and reflect.

Prophet Samuel emphasized that it was important for Obi to examine the records of all true prophets, apostles, and other God-sent individuals, as each has a unique calling and assignment on Earth.

The statement reads in part: “No matter how great you are in ministry you know your limits, but flesh sees all things with political eyes, God chose Samuel as the king but Israel chose Saul, I want to believe that this is the state of Nigeria today. I encourage Peter Obi to reconcile with all the humble and true prophets in Nigeria, anyone that advised him to ignore the true prophets wants him to fail.

Citing the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the cleric noted that those who had rejected him during his lifetime were now dreaming of him still being alive today.