Engr. Akin-George Fashola, Director of Vehicle Inspection Service in Lagos State has again reiterated that commercial motor vehicles are not excluded from the routine roadworthiness enforcement carried out by the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) and other Traffic Enforcement Agencies in Lagos.

The Director made this known on Thursday while responding to feedback from a live radio programme, “Your Side Mirror” on Traffic Radio 96.1FM, where callers had alleged that the VIS only go after erring private vehicles, leaving the commercial vehicles out of their enforcement operations.

Clearing the air, Fashola stressed that commercial buses are not spared but are only handled with caution for safety of passengers and other road users, saying the VIS and other enforcement agencies have continued to apprehend and impound rickety commercial motor vehicles, adding that such vehicles are recommended to be dismembered by the owners.

He further revealed that about 311 commercial vehicles have been impounded from January 2023 to date through their body tags, a move he said is part of efforts by the State Government to ensure the safety of lives of residents, especially commuters.

Speaking on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition, (ANPR) Camera and the Traffic Management Solution, (TMS) device deployed by the State Government in compliance with traffic laws and regulations, Fashola said the initiative has reduced the interface between Traffic Enforcement Officers and Motorists, adding that the technology is a win-win procedure for both the Law Enforcement Officers and Motorists as the regular arguments on traffic laws violation will be put to rest through detailed recordings.

The Director assured that VIS Officers are compliant with the State Traffic Laws and would not exert any action outside what is stipulated in the law.