By G9ija

The elections is come and gone and we have a president elect in Tinubu. A lot of Nigerians do not believe he his the right man to lead the nation forward while there are other group of people with a contrary opinions.

As a Nigerian, what are your expectations for Tinubu’s first 6months in office?

I would go first!

In Tinubu’s first 6months in office, I do not expect much difference from what we have experienced in Buhari’s administration for a number if reasons.

1) 40% of his cabinet would likely be those already existing in Buhari’s administration. These are the same set of people that have destroyed this nation in the last 8 years and are regrouping under the leadership of Tinubu. The lobbying is already going on.

2) Due to the elections, Tinubu have not been able to pay adequate attention to his health, thereby making him struggle health wise. After the inaugurations, I expect Tinubu to be in Nigeria max 2 weeks before he jets out to Europe for further treatment of his ailment. This might take 3 – 6months. Guess who will be handling the affairs of this nation? Kashim Shettima.

3) Islamic extremist like Shettima would not prioritize nation building, his number one agenda is the expansion of Islam. I foresee insecurity increasing.

4) Corruption: There would be an increase in corruption among those that are in the corridors of power like never before in Tinubu’s administration. The fight against corruption would cease. Any attempt to fight it would be countered by blackmails. After all , they all know each others secret. Corruption can not fight corruption.

5) Development: In a nation where insecurity and corruption is the bane of the day, where would development come from?? In a situation where the money meant for development is continuously been stolen and citizens don’t feel secured enough to be productive. For example people don’t feel secured going to their farm lands or working late nights. Issues like these would drastically reduce any nations productivity