By G9ija

Canvassers of the speakership aspiration of Rep Tajudeen Abbas aligned to the outgoing incumbent, Femi Gbajabiamila have reportedly embarked on a rain of dollars on the opposition towards mollifying the antagonism to his emergence.

The dollar rain gathered was further stoked by controversies instigated by a key aide of the speaker who was alleged to have used disrespectful words on some members-elect and incumbent members of the House.

There has been intense tussle over who emerges as new speaker, even as the leadership of the ruling party in conjunction with the President-Elect, Senator Bola Tinubu, recently selected Hon. Tajudeen Abbass, as there preferred candidate.

This development hasn’t gone down well with the other aspirants and the opposition parties, who had subsequently expressed their disillusionment.

It was gathered that a key aide of the outgoing speaker who is coordinating support of the old and newly elected lawmakers for the APC anointed Abbass, had been reaching out to threaten members to ensure they vote for the anointed candidate or end up without having any “juicy committee” in the incoming assembly.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a lawmaker who belongs to the camp of Deputy Speaker Ahmed Idris Wase, said many of them are deeply upset and some have proceeded to report the matter to Gbajabiamila.

He said: “It was quite dehumanising and belittling to be addressed like that by someone who has never contested elections, even for a local government chairman or councillor position.”

The aggrieved member-elect disclosed further: “He expressly told us, members and members-elect of the House of Representatives who went through the rigours of tough elections to get where we are today, people who campaigned to get votes and went out of our ways to get funds for our election, that we had better support Hon. T.J (Abbass) or not expect to chair or even be members of top committees in the 10th Assembly. It is the height of disrespect.”

It was learnt that the development heightened tension among the lawmakers who were already aggrieved over the alleged illegal amendment of the House rules .

It is reported that in a bid to placate the members, that critics were being won over with dollars of up to $10, 000 each to “apologise” over the indiscretion of the aide and to solicit their “support” for Abbas in the speakership race.