By G9ija

Sophia Momodu, on Friday reacted to the tweet of her baby daddy, Nigerian singer Davido over irresponsible fathers.

Recall that Sophia Momodu had called out men who financially bully women just to keep them silent, stating that enough is enough as it’s been a year of her silence.

She wrote: “Honestly it’s time to speak up because It’s been almost a year. Enough is enough. It’s been almost a year. The enabling, the scheming, the lies and the false narratives.”

In a subtle response to her rant, her baby daddy Davido, in a tweet accompanied by a photo showing his ‘Unavailable’ song, wrote: “I don’t have time for wahala.”

Hours after the singer’s response trended on social media, Sophia shared a video of two ladies having a conversation about how they don’t care at all on her Snapchat account.

Capturing the video, Sophia threatened to ‘set it all on fire’.

She wrote: “Don’t you dear or imma set it all on fire.”

Sophia Momodu also warned the intended recipient against “capping” as she can set it all on fire.