Back in 2015, a little-known American metalcore band who went by the name Dayseeker started etching their name within the minds of the UK scene. Their first headline tour saw them promote their second album Origin, but after a few years earning their stripes in their native land and that pandemic we’re still referring to, a return was delayed.

Now, eight years later, the four-piece are back on these shores with a bolstered back-catalogue of emotionally-charged post-hardcore bangers, and a swelling fanbase. After upgrading their entire tour (bar one show due to bigger venues not being free) and adding a second London date, it’s quickly become clear that Dayseeker are hitting their stride and excitingly riding upon the success of their previous two LPs, 2019’s Sleep Talk and last year’s Dark Sun.

Despite it having been nearly a decade since they touched down, for vocalist Rory Rodriguez things have come at the right time, and this was an opportunity that “we’ve been waiting for”. “We didn’t feel like we had the name or the pull yet, and then the last few years have been really kind to us, thankfully,” he explains, gratefully. “So, we decided just to bet on ourselves.”

A bet that has seemingly exceeded all expectations, with this now turning into their biggest-ever UK tour and with over 5,000 tickets sold. “We were safely confident with our initial booking,” Rory says, “and then some of the shows sold out within a few hours of being announced for the smaller-cap rooms. So we immediately had to upgrade all these rooms.

“I think pretty much all of them are gonna sell out. We’re very surprised and very grateful. It seems like there’s a lot of love for us in the UK.