By G9ija

Well-known Nigerian singer, Davido has reacted after his first babymama, Sophia Momodu called out irresponsible fathers.

Recall that Sophia Momodu called out men who financially bully women just to keep them silent.

In a post shared on her Twitter handle, she threatened to break her silence.

She tweeted: “Honestly it’s time to speak up because there’s a lot of mad people in this country.

“Financially bullying a woman into staying with you is the most disgusting thing a man can do, especially when children are involved. There should be a special place in hell for people who intentionally punish innocent children.

“Why should it be ok for a man to force a woman to handle his responsibilities as a father simply because the woman chose to move forward and refuses to look back?

“It’s been almost a year. Enough is enough. It’s been almost a year. The enabling, the scheming, the lies and the false narratives.

“I have said what I feel like saying today. Tomorrow we continue with the blatant truth.”

Reacting to this in a tweet accompanied by a photo showing he’s unavailable, Davido wrote: “I don’t have time for wahala.”