The six finalists on Race Across The World have just reached the finish line.

For those who haven’t seen the show, people competed in pairs to travel across Canada – all without any phones, planes or credit cards.

And viewers fell in love with the relationship between father and daughter Monique and Ladi.

“The journey has made me appreciate my dad even more, which is really special,” says Monique.

“So yeah, we’ll definitely go on lots more holidays – maybe just with our credit cards.”

Monique and Ladi, originally from Essex, finished third in the contest, behind Mobeen and Zainab.

Best friends Cathie and Trisha were crowned winners and bagged the £20,000 prize.

Monique and Ladi faced a few lows, like having to eat ketchup and mustard sandwiches.

But Monique says she’s glad the experience happened in Canada.

“The kindness of people was unreal,” she says.

“And I think without the kindness of people, either giving us lifts or helping us out with directions, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our journey.

“I think the Canadian hospitality is something that really stood out to me.”

The cast of Race Across The World smiling at the camera, wearing coats and backpacks
Image caption,Not everyone on Race Across The World reached the finish line…

Monique said one of the most difficult parts of the trip for her and her dad was being refused lifts because of the “way we look”.

“It was really hard,” Monique says.

“Travelling sometimes you have preconceived ideas about what people think about you and the way you look.

“But I’m such a positive person, and although there were moments, 95% of people were lovely.

“It’d be silly to dwell on the negative experiences as our overall experience was so good.”

Monique, who’s now back home in east London, learned a lot about travelling during her trek across Canada.

And her number one tip is a controversial fashion statement.

“It’s going to sound really trivial, but honestly, pack Crocs,” she says.

Monique says the divisive rubber footwear was a lifesaver for her when she slipped down some stairs and cut her foot.

“If I didn’t have my Crocs with me, I think it would have been really painful,” she says.

“If it’s for you and it’s comfortable then pack it.

“So for me that was my skincare, my Crocs and a Polaroid camera. But yeah, whatever makes you comfortable.