By G9ija

Let us tell you more stories about our own fighter, Adams Oshiomhole, who has tirelessly fought for the Nigerian masses. Oshiomhole has proven that he is not one to take the sufferings of ordinary people lightly.

Oshiomhole did not just emerge out of nowhere. As far back as 1982, he began his work as the General Secretary of the Textile Union, and since then, he has been fighting for the rights of workers.

He understands that workers deserve better wages and improved working conditions, and he did not rest until he successfully negotiated a 25% wage increase for public sector workers during the Obasanjo administration. This was no small feat!

This champion of the masses does not compromise on the truth. He has endured great hardships in his fight for a better Nigeria. Even during the military regime, he was detained, but it did not shake him.

When democracy was eventually restored, he continued his fight. Soldiers were even sent after him, but he stood strong. Oshiomhole firmly believes that the welfare of the people and the progress of our country are more important than anything else.
In this country of ours, politicians often forget the sufferings of the people who elected them, but Oshiomhole is not that kind of person. He always stands on the side of truth, even if it means landing in detention.

When he became the Governor of Edo State, he showed us that leadership is not just about words. He exceeded people’s expectations. He repaired roads, improved education, and empowered our youth. Those who doubted that change was possible were proven wrong by Oshiomhole. He made us believe that our leaders can do better.

Later on, he became the national chairman of the APC and used that position to bring unity and progress within the party. He took party matters seriously because he understands that without a strong party, it is difficult to achieve progress in our country.

Now, Oshiomhole has become a Senator-elect! This man, who does not compromise on the truth, is still actively involved in politics, and we thank God that he is. This new role he has obtained is an opportunity for him to take us to greater heights.

He will continue to fight for the masses, ensuring that the voice of the ordinary Nigerian is heard at the highest level.

We salute our own fighter, Adams Oshiomhole. He has paid his dues, and we are proud of him. May God continue to bless him and give him the strength to carry on with the fight for the betterment of Nigeria.
We hail you, Adams Oshiomhole! You are truly an exceptional individual!