By G9ija

I have two kids and recently gave birth to the third few months ago. It’s been really difficult for me since I practically do most of the house chores… my husband is hardly around because of work.

I came down with this strange disturbing headache that doesnt go away. So I went to see a doctor and she said the headache was as a result of postpartum stress and lack of sleep.

The truth is I’m awake most of the time because of the baby or when I’m attending to other household matter. I haven’t had a good sleep in a long while. So when the doctor suggested I get a house help so I can find time and sleep when shes holding the baby. I knew she she was on point. But the problem is my husband, he wouldn’t hear of it, he doesn’t want us to get any househelp…

I even pleaded with him and made him see reasons why I needed help, but he refused… I’m beginning to think I ended up with the wrong person because I dont understand why anyone would deliberately want to subject their wife to this kind of torture.

My kids are age 5, 2 and 3 months… I go to the market, cook, clean, i even do school run too…He’s a contractor and will be travelling back to work next week.. yet he doesn’t want me to get help