By G9ija

Here are the key points to note from the President-elect’s working visit to Europe based on the official announcement as released by Tunde Rahman:

Finetuning Transition Plans and Programmes: The President-elect will use the opportunity of the trip to work closely with key aides in order to finalize and refine the transition plans and programs. This will allow for focused discussions without unnecessary pressures and distractions.

Engaging with Investors and Allies: During the visit, the President-elect aims to engage with investors and key allies. The goal is to promote investment opportunities in Nigeria and highlight the administration’s commitment to creating a business-friendly climate through policies and regulations.

Meetings with Business Community: The President-elect has lined up meetings with multi-sectoral actors in Europe’s business community, including manufacturing, agriculture, tech, and energy sectors. These meetings will serve to market Nigeria as an attractive destination for investment and establish mutually-beneficial partnerships centered around job creation and skills acquisition.

Reviving the Economy: Reviving Nigeria’s economy is a major focus of the President-elect’s agenda. The visit to Europe is part of his efforts to re-establish Nigeria’s importance in the global economic chain and create empowering opportunities, particularly for the country’s large youth population.

Commitment to Action: The President-elect has expressed a commitment to hit the ground running. The visit to Europe reflects this commitment, as he has already initiated talks with global actors in the areas of economy and security, indicating his proactive approach to governance.

These points highlight the President-elect’s intentions to strengthen the economy, attract investments, and establish partnerships to drive growth and development in Nigeria.