Kieran Trippier has been speaking about his time working with Mauricio Pochettino amid reports that the Argentine wants to return to Tottenham.

Speaking on the High Performance Podcast, Trippier was discussing Pochettino and his ability to read a player’s mindset from a mile away.

The Newcastle star says that Pochettino had this strange knack of knowing everything about a player, claiming that the former Spurs manager could tell when he hadn’t slept well the night before or that he was in a bad mood, praising his man-management abilities.

Pochettino the magician

Trippier spoke highly of the 51-year-old.

“It’s funny. It’s like he knew everything about you. It’s like he had cameras everywhere. He knew if you didn’t sleep well, if you were in a bad mood, he was a good man-manager, he knew when to speak to you and when not to speak to you, when to pull you in, when not to. He was like a magician at times,” Trippier said.

What Spurs need

It has been put on record many times that Pochettino wants the Tottenham job, but, for some reason, Daniel Levy hasn’t picked up the phone to bring him back.

By the sounds of it, this type of manager is exactly what Tottenham need. A man-manager who can get the best out of his struggling players.

Make no mistake about it, this isn’t an untalented group of players at Spurs, but they’ve been mis-managed for far too long, and that’s something Pochettino would be able to address immediately.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the Argentine is Chelsea-bound instead, but he could have been just what the doctor ordered at Tottenham.

Spurs will do well to find a better manager than Pochettino, that’s for sure.