By G9ija

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has expressed strong optimism that the President-elect, Ahmed Bola Tinubu would compensate the South-East with other tangible positions for sacrificing the Senate Presidency seat.

Umahi gave the assurance Monday at the Muhammadu Buhari International Airport, Onueke, Ebonyi state shortly after arriving the state from Abuja.

The Governor was away on a one week official tour within the country.

Umahi who told journalists that he decided to step down his senate presidency ambition for Senator Godswill Akpabio, emphasized that he did so in the overall interest of the country.

He expressed confidence in the incoming President’s favourable disposition to give the South-East other juicy positions in his government.

Umahi explained: “The president-elect who is going to be the leader of the party called me and I consider it an honour for him to have called me, because I consulted him while he was in Paris and he said we were going to discuss it.

“So, when he came back, he called me.

“I also accepted for the interest of the South-East.

“Let it not be as if we are in opposition all the time.

“Politics is all about dialogue; give and take.

“Since we did not get that, we will get something else that is very tangible”.

Governor Umahi noted that Senator Akpabio at present enjoys majority support of the senators-elect, contrary to insinuations in some quarters.

Asked about the support of Senators for Akpabio, Umahi noted: “I am not yet a senator, but if you say senators-elect, the majority of them I know are with Akpabio, and I am Akpabio’s campaign coordinator.

“So, if you are talking about the existing senators, maybe, but I am not aware.”

On the question of being appointed Minister of Works based on his superlative infrastructural performance as a governor, Umahi said:

” I have worked so hard, and I feel it’s time to rest.

“Since I am not senate President, I think it is time to rest.

“So, I leave that to the President-elect; I leave that to my destiny; I leave that to the South-East; I leave that to the leaders of APC.

“Whatever be the will of God for me and for the South-East, let it come true.

“But if it is for me, I would say that I prefer to be in the Senate, I prefer to rest.

“But if it is a sacrifice I have to make for the interest of the South-East, for the interest of the country, and for the President elect, so be it.

“But I won’t struggle for it; I won’t ask for it.”