By G9ija

Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Ribatti, has advised married women with cheating husbands to meet their side chics so they can give them tips on how to keep the men.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the clergyman opined that a “wise” woman would seek knowledge from the side chic instead of fighting her. He stated that if the side chic is a Godfearing woman, she will tell the pained wife what she does to keep the cheating man’s by her side.

In his words,

‘’Fighting your husband’s side chic is making him get a better one than the one you are fighting. Meet the side chic ‘what do you do to my husband that makes him succumb this way? Help me I am a fellow woman like you. Don’t allow me to suffer, my marriage wants to break” If she is a Godfearing woman, she will tell you ‘ your husband like make dem dey cut him fingernails, your husband like if e dey chop, dey touch him baldhead’, your husband like if e dey chop dey massage him belle” This thing might look funny but I am telling you the gospel truthof wisdom. No man of God will tell you this truth”

According to him, a woman with a cheating husband doesn’t protect her husband by nagging. He opined that it is stupidity to pray when a situation with a side chic arises