By G9ija

The biggest political mistake and miscalculation we will do as a party, the APC, is to not take Senate Presidency position, Nigeria’s number 3 to the North West. That will definitely hurt our 2027 strategy.

There is no any external alliances that will help us keep our northern stronghold in the basket than strengthening our exiting internal value networks with the position of the Senate President of the 10th assembly.

We may attempt to assuage the SE or the SS with number 3, but that is more of an emotional decision than political-strategic one. Taking such a risk will have no bearing upon future political success beyond temporary applause of the moment.

In this game, we must be real, practical and deliberate with our choices. We must stick to the facts and consolidate our bases with the strongest possible instruments of power. It is very necessary for our future political success.

Thank you
Adamu Garba