By G9ija

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has become the target of trolls on social media after they blamed his polygamous lifestyle for the recent death of his son.

Yul Edochie lost his first son, Kambilichukwu Edochie after he fell while playing football.

The trolls took to his Instagram account to drag the actor, insinuating that his decision to marry multiple wives may have caused the tragedy.

Here are some comments gathered from Instagram:

josephcharlesdeadroit wrote: “Yul what have you done?I so hate you right now,i come from a divided home and know the pains if you love any of your children you wouldnt let them go through such, what is this?”

ede4kay said, “If disappointment was a person…shebi you see yourself now mtcheeeeew!”

dera20112021; “Judy with the bad luck. Men like you should learn from this. Go and watch Abejoye by mount zion. When you open the roof of your house to the devil, he comes in freely. When you were married to your wife alone, devil didn’t have his way over your home. See how your stupidity has led you to something tragic. The time you supposed to hold down your home and train up your grown kids, you went back to changing diapers. Now your first male child is resting with God, away from the shame his father brought upon him.”

mrandmissfreshernigeria: “Oga they have been warning you over the 2nd wife issue u refused,now your first son is dead,the fight now is,who who’s son will inherit the father’s properties, Yul better do the needful it is not a must that you will marry 2nd wife, baby mama is the best, if u did not do something spiritual fight will start in ur family”

amax_praise: “Polygamy is the fastest way to early grave. It brings distractions and lack of concentration. It disorganises homes. It’s possible that no one paid attention to this boy about his health condition because of lack of concentration. Now see the result. I’m really pained, i don’t know how I feel now, but the worst has happened. The world has crashed on this women! Judy biko, its time to let this woman be, that’s if she survives it. I pray almighty God will see her through. May his soul rest in peace.”

chef_miimi: “The Nollywood you are acting to teach people is beginning to happen in your home, hope you learn and make amends.”

Edochie, has not responded to the insensitive comments.

However, his colleague Destiny Etiko condemned the trolls for their baseless accusations and urged them to show empathy during this difficult time.

Destiny Etiko while defending the actor said: “Someone just lost his child. And y’all are still trolling him. Haba Nigerians?? Haba. Total lack of empathy. This isn’t the time for this pls. We just lost a human and not a goat or chicken”.

The actor has been in the industry for over a decade and has starred in several blockbuster movies. He is also a renowned politician and philanthropist who has used his platform to advocate for positive change in the country.