By G9ija

Early on March 28, The Zazuu Crooner got into a fight with some police agents who had stormed his restaurant in Ogun State.

The music icon fought the security guards’ attempts to arrest him and demanded to know why they were there.

He refused to leave his office and claimed that a Yahoo boy had asked them to pick him and some of his associates up.

Reacting, Portable was ordered to report to the police five times, according to state police spokesperson Abimbola Oyeyemi, but he refused each time.

Abimbola claims that a complaint against him led to the invitation for him to be questioned.

According to the police spokesperson, after Portable declined the offer, the police went to court to request an arrest warrant.

“When the officers got to the place to carry out the arrest, Portable, on sighting them, stripped himself naked so as to create a scene,”

“We are going to use minimum force to arrest him. Portable is not bigger than the law.” the police spokesperson added