By G9ija

An unidentified TikTok user, has claimed to have ended his relationship with his girlfriend after she received a lap dance from American singer Chris Brown while on stage.

It was reported that the furious boyfriend shared a video of his ex-girlfriend’s encounter with the singer during a concert in the UK.

He was so upset he demanded a refund for the tickets he bought which cost £500 and also cried out he wanted his girlfriend back.

He said on TikTok “POV; Buying my girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown… I want my £500 and my girlfriend back!”

He released an update on the situation that he had ended their relationship because the girlfriend felt she had done nothing wrong.

He released another Tiktok video which said, ” Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend,” he explained.

“She doesnt think what she did was wrong” he added.