By G9ija

In a remarkable display of honesty, a mechanic simply identified as Timothy has returned N10.8m mistakenly transferred to his bank account by his client.

According to reports, the transfer was made by his client who intended to transfer the money to someone else but mistakenly entered the mechanic’s account number instead.

Upon receiving the large sum of money, the mechanic promptly contacted the bank to report the mistake and arranged for the money to be returned to its rightful owner.

The man expressed his gratitude to the mechanic and praised him for his honesty.

He stated that he had lost faith in humanity due to recent events in the country, but the mechanic’s actions had given him hope. He also offered the mechanic a reward for his honesty.

The story of the honest mechanic has gone viral on social media, with many people applauding his integrity and honesty while some chastised him for not running away with the money.

At a time when widespread corruption and deceit appear to be the norm, the actions of the mechanic act as a prompt that there are still virtuous individuals in the world who are ready to act with integrity, even when no one is watching.