By G9ija

In a shocking video that has gone viral on social media, a police officer was caught sleeping at a polling unit during the ongoing gubernatorial election exercise.

The video, which was uploaded by a concerned citizen, has sparked outrage among Nigerians who are expressing their disappointment and frustration with the conduct of security operatives during elections.

The incident reportedly took place where voters were queuing up to cast their votes in the election. The state is currently unknown.

In the video, the police officer siting on a white plastic chair is seen fast asleep, with his heading hanging in the air while voters mill around him.

Many Nigerians have criticized the officer’s lackadaisical attitude towards his duty, describing it as a slap in the face of democracy and the rule of law.

Some have called for his immediate dismissal from the police force, while others have expressed their disappointment with the conduct of security operatives during elections.

As of press time, the State Police Command is yet to address the issue.