By G9ija

A youth group known as Concerned Niger Youths has threatened to resist the candidacy of a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate with a questionable public standing in the upcoming governorship election on Saturday.

The group has called for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to disqualify the candidate, Liman Isah Kantigi, due to his alleged involvement in money laundering and other corrupt practices.

The group argued that someone who has been indicted by a court for such crimes cannot be trusted to govern a state, especially one that he has wronged so brazenly. The election is scheduled to take place in 24 hours.

On February 15, according to report, Liman Isah Kantigi, the PDP governorship candidate in Niger State, issued a death threat to prospective voters who planned to collect his money without voting for him in the general election.

In a viral video that trended on social media, Kantigi was seen dressed in a white long dress and a cap, telling his supporters in English and Hausa languages that anyone who betrayed him at the polls would face dire consequences.

While describing himself as a generous man who looked out for others, Kantigi warned that those who would collect his money without reciprocating with votes would be plagued with nightmares and cold and would eventually die.

A statement issued in Abuja by the coordinator of Concerned Niger Youths, Ndagi Lemu, wondered why the PDP would field such a person as candidate for the state’s number one office despite knowing the enormity of his indictment.

The group drew attention to the Federal High Court ruling which indicted the governorship candidate for offences related to money laundering.

“We therefore call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to disqualify him from the governorship poll on Saturday based on his indictment by a court of competent jurisdiction.

“We also urge the security agencies to do the needful by ensuring that Kantagi is punished for his alleged crimes against the people he is now aspiring to rule over. We are calling on all Nigerlites to rise up against looters of our commonwealth by ensuring that they don’t come near public offices to repeat such acts. We can’t have indicted character as governor of our state,” Lemu said.