By G9ija

Mohammed Umar Bago, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Niger State, has pledged to establish a specialized group called the “Niger Ranger” that would be responsible for safeguarding the state’s forests.

As a measure to combat the growing insecurity in the state, Bago stated that the specialized group will be assigned to protect the forests, and according to his proposal, will be entrusted to Fulani herdsmen who will undergo training and equipped with the necessary tools to carry out their duties effectively.

“We are talking to the Fulani; most of the security issues we are talking about are around the Fulani people, their cattle are being rustled/

“We want to create a Niger Ranger, a ranger to protect our forests and leave it in the hands of these Fulani, equip them and give them necessary training,” he added.

Mohammed Umar Bago, who is the APC flagbearer in Niger state stated that he desires to become governor of the state in order to expand its horizons.

He further stated that he aims to tap into the state’s agricultural potential to not only sustain the state’s food needs but also contribute to the feeding of Nigeria and the world at large.