By G9ija

Let me congratulate the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) members for the National Assembly seats won so far despite the obvious challenges encountered during the polls. You have demonstrated resilience, commitment, determination and loyalty which made this feat possible.

The presidential election has come and gone but the experience garnered is the tonic needed to ginger us for the next round of elections coming up this weekend. Let us not look at the negative aspects of the problems encountered in the exercise but the positive lessons learnt from it.

As we head to the polls this weekend to elect State Governors and State Houses of Assembly members, there is need for us not to lose focus despite the obvious financial constraints. We must go into the election united, determined and committed to provide leadership for Nigerians who desire and deserve a new Nigeria.

We must go out to vote for all NNPP candidates, we must position our agents to ensure that our votes are well policed and the votes cast count. We must ensure free, fair, credible, transparent, inclusive and peaceful elections. The people’s will and mandates must be respected in the spirit of sportsmanship which NNPP is known for. The unity of the country is sacrosanct, Nigerians are urged to eschewed violence and electoral malpractices as we come out en masse to be discharge this crucial civic duty that will redefine the destiny of the nation.

NNPP, 21 years old is a very peaceful party and we should demonstrate that as we go into this second round of elections nationwide this weekend. The candidates are expected to go in and do their best, our polling agents are expected to discharge their duties with sincerity, commitment and absolute loyalty to the party. We are optimistic that our great party will emerge victorious in these elections that will restore hope to our long-suffering compatriots.
A vote for NNPP is a vote for a better, greater and prosperous Nigeria.