By G9ija

Former Big Brother Titans housemate, Yaya recently shared her perspective on her time in the house, expressing that her eviction with her partner Marvin was unjust.

During a post-eviction conversation, the ex-housemate from South Africa voiced her thoughts that: “No I don’t think it was fair, I thought we still had like a good two weeks in the house before we got evicted.”

When asked about her partner’s personality, Yaya said, “Marvin is a wonderful man, he is a lovely and great guy but I’m a strong independent woman.”

On her experience in the house, Yaya said she enjoyed being around other individuals from other cultures and countries.

“The difference of cultures coming into one space; we really enjoyed being around each other’s spaces. I had the time of my life. It was really a great experience for me and if I could do it again, I would. I really feel everyone needs to experience it once in their lifetime.”

Yaya acknowledged that she had no desire to make any changes, and credited her success to her partner Marvin. According to her, Marvin was her anchor who kept her grounded throughout the journey. Yaya did not have a specific strategy to win the show, but was content with simply participating. She credited Marvin for making the journey much smoother as she was able to follow his lead.