By G9ija

Nigerian Hollywood actor, Damson Idris, has narrated his mother’s reaction the first time she saw him on a movie set.

In an interview, he said that his mum spoke out loud to question some of the things he said in the movie.

Idris noted that his mother had no idea that he was acting.

He described his mother’s voice in a Nigerian accent, saying: “How can you cheat on your girlfriend in front of the whole family.”

He added that in the movie, someone said he was a drug dealer so his mother and family member retorted: “Now, you are selling cocaine.”

And they added in Yoruba language: “Ki lo n se e?”

This means: What is wrong with you?

They equally said it was not only a despicable act but now more embarrassing he is doing it “in front of the whole world”.

The comment made the interviewer laughed and he brought our a Idris family photograph which was taken on a red carpet at a movie premiere.

The actor was so pleased with the photo that he pointed to his mother while referring to her as his girl.

In another interview, he noted that he goes to Nigeria as much as possible.

He said: “I go to Nigeria as much as possible.

“I just love the drama and Afrobeats.

“I love the food: eba, jollof rice, pounded yam.

“Nigeria is beautiful.

“In the nearest future, I will be making movies there too.

“That is in the plan 100 per cent.”

Meanwhile, few months ago, Idris shared a video of himself complaining bitterly in Yoruba about the weather in the United Kingdom.