By G9ija

State chairmen of the Labour Party have issued a 12-hour ultimatum over alleged marginalization and lack of mobilization within the party ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Speaking on behalf of the chairmen for all the 36 state, Alh Sani Abdulsalam, the chairman of the Gombe State chapter of the party, expressed concern that executives in the North were being marginalized, and that polling unit agents had not been mobilized due to a lack of funds.

Abdulsalam therefore issued a 12-hour ultimatum to the party, demanding the prompt release of all funds allocated by the LP for logistics pertaining to the 2023 election.

Expressing concern over what he sees as undemocratic internal practices within the party’s presidential candidate’s campaign, Alh Sani Abdulsalam has warned that Peter Obi’s campaign may not succeed in the polls if the party does not change its approach.

Abdulsalam has criticized the LP for failing to acknowledge the crucial role played by the leaders of the party’s 36 state chapters, and instead choosing to collaborate solely with a small group of associates and supporters.

Representing several others, including Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammad Bukar, the chairman of Yobe State, and Alhaji Mohammed Alkaji, the national vice chairman for the North-East, Alh Sani Abdulsalam held a press briefing in Abuja on Thursday to address concerns about the upcoming election.

Abdulsalam suggested that funds designated for polling unit agents through state chairmen or national officers have not been distributed, which could hinder the crucial mobilization of these agents. He emphasized the importance of mobilizing these agents to ensure a successful election.

He said: “I speak on behalf of 36 state chairmen of our party in my capacity as the coordinating chairman. We have never been respected by the party leadership and also our presidential candidate has no respect for our party executives at state levels because Mr Peter Obi deliberately mismanaged our goodwill with the imposition of his members and other support groups that decamped with him in May 2022 to our party.

“Of note today Wednesday the 22nd day of February 2023 was the meeting we had with the national chairman Bar Julius Abure in the party head office where the discussion was held about the logistics support for state chapters and national officers towards effective mobilisation of our members for the presidential and National Assembly election on Saturday 25th February 2023.

“The greatest shock from the national chairman was that money for agents will not be sent to any state chairman or National officers except those three NWC members including a woman and that all state chairmen and 19 other members already picked by Mr Peter Obi himself will be given monies meant for party agents and alert will be received by 10 pm tonight Wednesday the 22nd day of February 2023.

“As of tonight, no alert has been received by any state chairmen and information reaching us confirmed that money was paid based on ethnic and religious consideration because only persons of a particular ethnic group currently run the campaign of Mr. Peter Obi in cohort with the national chairman, Mr. Julius Abure, has polluted the party.

“Nigerians should be aware that Mr. Peter Obi is an epitome of lies and a bundle of deceit. In fact, he has come to destroy our beloved party.” He added.