By G9ija

A centenarian, Iyom Josephine Ezeanyaeche, has given her endorsement to the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, for the upcoming election on Saturday.

The 104-year-old woman, affectionately known as Mama Africa, expressed her confidence that Obi would transform Nigeria into an investment hub.

She made this known during her visit to the Labour Party (LP) office in Abuja.

Mama Africa, explained that she endorsed Mr. Peter Obi as the next President of Nigeria because she believes he is the most qualified candidate among the four major contestants.

“The searchlight for his selection was nationally oriented and accepted for his visionary leadership, integrity, transparency, competence, capacity, character, selflessness, enlightenment, education, and nationalism.

“Calling him for this honourable task in our assessment will comfort Nigerians for a new beginning.

“Obi will fix the economy and create jobs, if the economy is fixed, it will be easier to tackle insecurity, fight corruption and improve the social well-being of the people.

“Peter Obi will passionately undertake major constitutional changes that will bring about the devotion of power, fiscal federation and entrenching of good governance and rule of law.” she said.

Mama Africa also noted that Mr. Peter Obi has a tremendous opportunity to shape the future of Nigeria for the better. She praised Obi’s character, competence, and capacity, citing his previous achievements and performances as proof of his ability to lead the country effectively.

She also expressed her belief that Nigerians have long been yearning for the younger generation to take on the mantle of leadership and rescue the country from its current predicament.

The Chairman of the Labour Party, Mr. Julius Abure, expressed his gratitude to Mama Africa for her endorsement of Mr. Peter Obi and her belief in his ability to transform Nigeria.

He acknowledged that in recent days, many groups and political parties have also endorsed Obi, recognizing his potential to bring about positive change in the country.

“I, therefore, want to urge all our supporters that on the 25th of this month which is Saturday, they should all come out to cast their votes for the labour party.” Mr Abure said.