By G9ija

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters, has expressed that individuals who fled Nigeria instead of remaining to defend their country would be shameful if they return.

Peters made this statement via her Instagram page on Thursday.

She emphasized the importance of preserving the lives of young people in order for them to fulfill their obligations.

In her words: “As we just dey manage ourselves, let’s try and come out and vote. If you are a true Nigerian, don’t sit at home and be doing online in-law.”

“This is our last chance ooo , don’t allow those they have shipped from outside the country to come in and vote and you the real indigenes of Nigeria won’t .This corrupt system must come to an end , another 8 years of suffering cannot happen !!!”

“Politicians should always move around with their security agents, don’t fall victims for this jobless boys collecting peanuts to cause chaos please. We need you alive to be able to carry out your mandate. Please!!!”

“And those of you Nigerians that have ran away all in the name of you are not a part of this country, please don’t come back. It will be a shame on you all, not staying to defend what’s yours. Shebi after election una go return Abi , I for mention some names but it’s not worth it . Una no get heart !!! Oh Lord , May we not elect another bad leader again Amen 🙏🏾”.