By G9ija

Toke Makinwa, a media personality, has disclosed on her podcast, ‘Toke Moments’, that having sexual and romantic relationships with financially challenged men is a fantastic experience.

During her conversation with BBNaija’s Neo Akpofure, Toke Makinwa reportedly expressed her belief that less affluent men offer better sexual encounters because they have nothing to bring to the table, so they concentrate on building a romantic connection.

She continued by saying that 80% of Nigerian men, particularly the wealthy ones, lack the skills necessary to win over a woman sexually.

Toke said, “80% of Nigerian men do not know what it is to please a woman. I can always know what comes up next. Many of them just want to get in and get out and say it was good.

“The wealthier the guy is, especially Nigerian men, the worse.

“I feel like sex with broke men is amazing because they have nothing to offer. You are sleeping with a broke man he gives you everything”.