By G9ija

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham, has addressed her critics regarding her support for Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In January, during a live interview on the television talk show “Your View,” Toyin expressed her intention to vote for Tinubu due to his contributions to the Nigerian film industry.

Since then, she has faced backlash, insults, and trolling on social media.

Despite the criticism, Toyin appeared unfazed during a live Instagram session with actress Kemi Afolabi.

She stated that those who cursed or swore at her over her preferred candidate were wasting their time because she did not collect any money to support Tinubu.

She clarified that she did not campaign for anyone, and her decision to choose a candidate was hers alone. Additionally, she emphasized that she sells her movies through cinemas and platforms and is financially stable.

“If anybody curses me or swears for me, it can’t affect me because I didn’t collect a dime. It’s only those that took money that can be affected. I, Oluwatoyin, didn’t collect money, and neither did I campaign for anyone, but we’re having this discussion because this is my country, I’m Nigerian, and I gave birth to my child here.

“Nobody can pay me. I sell my movies in cinemas, I sell them on platforms, I’m making my money, and I’m fine. The point is to choose your candidate, and don’t bully me,” she said.