By G9ija

A female senator, Karen Nyamu, has been ejected from the chamber during sitting over inappropriate dressing.

The Senator was ejected last week Tuesday for attending sitting in a sleeveless top that exposed her arms.

This was said to be against the House rules as pointed out by Eddy Oketch, the representative of Migori.

Oketch said: “I invite your attention to guide the House whether Senator Karen Nyamu is properly dressed.”

The Speaker, Amason Kingi, said the House rules had been violated and ordered Nyamu to leave the chambers.

Kingi ruled: “Senator Nyamu, I’m going to read the Speaker’s Rule No for clarity.

“Senators are required not to enter the chamber, lounge or dining room without being properly dressed.

“This means a male Senator will be dressed in a coat, collar, tie, long trousers, socks and shoes or service uniform, religious attire or such other decent dressing as may be approved by the speaker from time to time.

“An equivalent standard shall apply in respect of women senators who may also wear kitenges or such other African attire.

“Senator Nyamu, I’m afraid you do not fit the bill and I’m going to ask you to leave the chambers, get properly dressed and come back to the chambers.”

The Senator left thereafter.