By G9ija

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo has responded to a social media troll who criticized her for endorsing Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP).

Wale Akerele, a member of the All Progressives Congress, resorted to using offensive language towards the actress after she publicly declared her support for Obi.

Taking to Twitter, he accused Iyabo of husband-snatching and claimed that Asiwaju (APC presidential candidate) only desired the support of respectable women, not individuals like her.

He wrote, “Whether he wins or not, my dreams align with Peter Obi.

“ALASEWO Iyabo Ojo @IYSexxy

“Madam gboko gboko. Asiwaju doesn’t need your support Asiwaju doesn’t need Alasewo’s support he needs decent women with

“class, intelligent woman keep your support OLOSHO. @officialABAT, will win.”

Iyabo via her Instagram post of Thursday, reacted to the remark, wondering if he was an animal, place or thing.

She wrote, “Who is this one, animal, place, or thing?

“Akowere, trust me, you’re a product of Alasewo bcos your mother, wife & sidehens are all bonafide members.”

The 45 -year- old publicly endorsed Obi as her preferred candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

The actress shared the poster of the Labour Party with Obi’s photo via her Instagram page on Monday.

In her words, “My choice is @peterobigregory we need a breath of fresh air & I strongly believe in his vision & mission, most especially his management skills.

“Nigeria cannot be repaired in 4 years but we need a positive starting point for a better Nigeria so that our children & the ones yet unborn won’t have to face this hardship we’re facing.

“We need to start building a system that will work for the betterment of our people & our country.”

The actress highlighted that her endorsement was not based on her faith or tribal affiliation, but on the principles of accountability and alleviating the hardships faced by ordinary individuals.

She added, “We need accountability for every wrong or right decision that is made …. Lies will no longer slide. This vote is not about ethnicity and religion for me….. It’s about ending the struggle and pain of the common man. It’s about not letting the death of all those who lost their lives during the #EndSARS protest go in vain.

”This is deep for me, but unfortunately, I can’t campaign bcos I’m a target. I pray that his Excellency Peter Obi wins and I pray he doesn’t disappoint us when he gets in, so help us God. If he doesn’t win, whoever wins I pray leads Nigeria right, if not, Nigeria will not be able to stand the doom that will await.”