By G9ija

Nollywood star, Tonto Dikeh on her son’s seventh birthday on Friday February 17 has gifted him with 10 plots of land.

The actress shared the news on her Instagram page.

Sharing a video of the land on her page, Dikeh captioned, “I may not be alive in 10YEARS, or 5years or 3years or 1year or 6months or 3months or the next day. BUT FOR EVERYDAY I LIVE I WILL WORK TO MAKING YOUR FUTURE A GREAT ONE..Just like your Name KING, you shall rules..

”Congratulations my son for becoming the newest owner of a 10PLOTS of land at the domak_group DOMAK LUXURY GARDEN CITY ABUJA and HAVING A COURT/ESTATE OF 58HECTRES NAMED AFTER HIM (KINGANDRE COURT).

”My Dearest son, My World, My Life. I have suffered, cried, Being MessedUp, betrayed just so you can be A BETTER ME. I have no doubt you will MAKE ME A PROUD WOMAN, I LOVE YOU DANGEROUSLY..”

Tonto Dikeh Gifts Son 10plots Of Land On Birthday