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Buhari Committed To Credible 2023 Elections – Pauline Tallen


By G9ija

Dame Pauline Tallen, the Minister of Women Affairs, has assured Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to ensuring a credible election in 2023.

She made this statement during a dialogue session organized by the Women In Politics Forum to develop an action plan aimed at curbing violence against women during the upcoming elections. She further encouraged individuals who notice any form of wrongdoing to speak out.

“We will not dampen our spirit because we have qualified women in all the political parties. We will keep pushing,” Tallen said of the support they will give women politicians.

“All those who will supervise the election must stand firm and protect the few women contesting because they are vulnerable.

“The few women we have in the national and state assemblies have good records when it comes to performance. Because there is no woman that will see people suffering from water and other needs and won’t do something.

“Mr President wants a credible, free and fair election and those of you managing it, ensure if you see something, say something. We must contribute to make this election credible and free and fair and protect the few women candidates that are contesting,” Tallen added.

Ene Obi, the country Director of Actionaid Nigeria, has stated that there is a form of discrimination against women in the country.

She mentioned that the Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, is well aware of these issues due to her experience in the field. Obi added that they will work towards punishing anyone who abuses or harms a woman in any way during the 2023 elections.

“There is a changing trend now because if you touch a woman now, you’ve touched every woman. We have women journalists and women lawyers.

“When your sister is wounded, you are wounded. A woman has no tribe. Our tribe is humanity. If you don’t protect a woman close to you, you too are not protected,” Ene said, adding that women must work to ensure that any act against a woman is against all women and that they can remove their wrappers to protect their fellow women.

Barr Ezenwa Nwagwu, the convener of Partners for Credible Elections, presented a paper on election security. He stated that if the election fails, the blame should be placed on the security agencies.

Barr Ebere Ifendu, the President of the Women in Politics Forum, stated that violence against women in politics is highly underreported and does not receive as much attention as other forms of Gender-Based Violence.

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