By G9ija

The defence for Darambi Vandi, the police officer accused of shooting and killing Lagos-based lawyer Omobolanle Raheem on Christmas Day, has indicated that they will be submitting a no-case application to dismiss the charges.

Vandi, who has pleaded not guilty to the count charge, made this known to the Lagos High Court at Tafawa Balewa Square.

The announcement was made by Vandi’s counsel, Mr Adetokunbo Odutola, after the prosecution counsel, Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Moyo Onigbanjo, (SAN), had concluded their case.

During the hearing, the prosecution witness, Dr Williams Olatunde, a pathologist and forensic expert, testified about the post-mortem examination conducted on the deceased and the findings made.

Justice Ibironke Harrison instructed both parties to submit their final written addresses.

“The findings from the external to internal showed that there were multiple defects mainly on the anterior chest wall and one defect from the left axillary fold.

“On internal examination, there were multiple visceral or organ injuries and muscular skeletal injury,” he narrated.

According to him, the specific injuries includes multiple rib fracture, multiple injuries to the intercostal spaces and injuries to both lungs.

The doctor stated that he was able to establish three things; hemorrhagic shock, and destruction of the chest visceral and musculoskeletal tissues which could be the cause of her death.

He said that the defect in the body was caused by the largest shattered bullet fragment.

According to him, the target path of the bullet is determined by the relative positions of all injuries to each other.

He said that the base of the severity of the injuries seen was that the bullet moved at the maximum force which was likely to be a discharge from a close range.

“A bullet could strike an object and bounce in the direction of the body.

“In simple terms, the deceased was pregnant within the period of fewer than three months,” he added.

While being cross-examined, Odutola inquired whether the pathologist could identify the individual responsible for the fatal gunshot in the post-mortem report. The pathologist replied in the negative, stating that he was unable to do so.

In addition, Odutola contended that the witness had relied on media reports when compiling the post-mortem records.

The witness rebuffed this assertion, asserting that all conclusions were based on the autopsy’s findings. He went on to explain that the explosive power of an AK-47 bullet was so immense that it was equivalent to thousands of fire hoses piercing the body.

Following the cross-examination, Harrison adjourned the proceedings until Feb. 28, when the written arguments of the counsel would be presented.