By G9ija

Cynthia, the spouse of Ebuka Uchendu, the host of Big Brother Naija, has responded to individuals who have been insulting her husband.

This follows after Ebuka questioned one of the show’s housemate, Yemi Cregx, about his alleged nighttime encounters with his fellow housemate, Blue Aiva, during a live eviction broadcast.

Ebuka inquired as to why Yemi kept leaving Khosi’s (his love interest) bed at night to meet with Blue Aiva every night, and even reassured her that she would not remain a side chick for much longer.

Yemi Cregx, however, denied everything Ebuka said he was doing.

A fan of Yemi, who wasn’t pleased with Ebuka’s action, rained heavy curses on Ebuka and his generation via Twitter.

She tweeted, “I now pray every day against Ebuka. Ebuka will never know peace until he undo what he has done against Yemi Cregx”.

Replying her, Cynthia tweeted, “You and your entire generation will never know peace in Jesus’ name. Amen”.

She also wrote, “The audacity for you guys to constantly harass someone to do something, then when it’s done and they result to sending death threats, the ridiculousness of you lot to be so vile and toxic over a bloody entertainment show.

“Even the people who you think should have sense spend their whole day here tweeting vile things about human beings. For f**k sake, watch, laugh and move on”.