By G9ija

Big Brother Titans housemates, Juicy Jay and Yemi Cregx had a conversation this morning about the women in their lives and exchanged a few notes on how to deal with them.

Juicy Jay gave Yemi Cregx advice on how to handle his triangle during their conversation after their morning workout, telling him to be honest with Khosi and Blue Aiva.

He also told him to hold onto his relationship with Khosi because it was the most sincere. In order to end things with Blue Aiva on a positive note, Juicy Jay suggested that he speak with her.

Heeding that advice, Yemi Cregx made it clear he does not want to be enemies with Blue Aiva and wants her to understand that she can explore relationships with other guys in the house. They both agreed that Yemi Cregx may have been unknowingly leading Blue Aiva on.

Anyway, Juicy Jay went on to recount his ordeal in what appeared to be a potential triangle with Ipeleng, Jenni O, and Yvonne. He told Yemi Cregx that he had only ever been attracted to two women in the house, Ipeleng and Yvonne.

He liked Jenni O’s energy but was not interested in a relationship with her, but admitted that he might have led her on – again, unknowingly – because it’s fun flirting with a person whose energy you like.