By G9ija

As the Nigerian presidential election draws near with only a dozen days left, the Labour Party’s candidate, Peter Obi, is urging citizens to make a decision on their choice of leader.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Obi implored those who are still indecisive to act now and not squander this critical moment in determining their future.

Furthermore, Obi stated that the “elders” have let the country down, and now it’s time for the younger generation to step up and shape the future of Nigeria.

He declared that “those born after independence” have a responsibility to take the reins and create a better destiny for the nation.

“We are down the stretch with 12 days to go. I have a message for Nigerians, especially those that are sitting on the fence; It is DECISION TIME!

“Every nation has significant moments in their history –when a situation arises, which requires that nation to take specific steps that would mark her turning point. Nigeria is at that historical junction

“How we have done as a nation is no longer in debate. We have done poorly due to bad leadership. We must now seize this moment. We must save Nigeria now or never.

“Twelve days from now we will be called upon to make very hard choices. It won’t be about tribe or religion; it won’t be about traditional sentiments of my turn. It will be about national Interest.”

The former governor of Anambra State emphasized the importance of leaders who will be held accountable for safeguarding the well-being and belongings of the citizens. He emphasized the need for new leadership that will steer the country towards a rebirth, leading Nigeria to a brighter future.

“We have gambled with Nigeria, her destiny and fate of our children. That must stop. We must revisit lessons learned and missed opportunities. What Nigeria needs now is visionary, transformational leader, capable of moving the country in the direction of National Rebirth.

“What kind of a leader does Nigeria need at this time? We need leaders who will take full responsibility to protect Nigerian lives, property and prosperity. That is what Datti and I represent.” He added.