By G9ija

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State remained unfazed by the efforts of opposition political parties to distract them. The PDP referred to the opposition’s attempts as a “little distraction,” indicating that it had no impact on their plans.

Uchenna Igwesi, the Director of PDP Support Groups and Coordination, conveyed this message during a rally in support of the PDP’s governorship candidate, Dr. Peter Mbah, in Enugu.

The rally, which commenced at the well-known Okpara Square in Enugu, brought together a large number of supporters and members of the PDP to march through the city’s New Haven area and Enugu Stadium.

Igwesi emphasized the significance of the rally, describing it as a national event, and highlighting that the smaller political parties in the state were struggling to compete with the PDP, which had already established its dominance and capacity in the region.

“The little distraction coming from the opposition parties does not mean anything to us and and that is what we showed today.

“People were joining and shouting Biblical Hosanna and all we need to do is to formalise our processes,” he said.

According to Dr. Emeka Nwatu, the Deputy Director of the Enugu East Support Group and Coordination Committee of the Enugu Campaign Council, PDP’s governorship candidate, Dr. Peter Mbah, possesses all the necessary qualities and qualifications to be an effective leader in Enugu State.

He went on to say that the petition against the PDP’s governorship candidate, Dr. Peter Mbah, brought forth by the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate in Enugu, was deemed baseless, frivolous, and filed too late.

“You need to have locus standi to file a suit, PDP primaries took place in May, 2022 and by law, you have 14 days to file whatever you want to file but they filed in September.

“Beside, he did not participate in primaries of PDP but was in another party,” he said.